Hotel Area

There are two football fields on the camp; a full-sized/official one and a smaller one with lights that is great for technique training. There’s also a gym, a tennis court, a sauna, an outside grill and a stage for events.
During a camp-session, our players stay at a hotel with amenities such as television and air conditioning. The hotel also has a pool, a restaurant where all meals are served (see menu), a nice garden and a playroom with billiards, table tennis and card games. This enviornment is great for relaxing after a day of training.
The hotel has fourteen rooms with two single beds per room, four rooms with four beds per room and one room with a double bed and can house 45-46 people.
The bed sheets are changed two times per day and cleaned according to our high standards. For example the tub water is clean and fresh enough to drink which is not the case throughout most of Brazil.

Hotel Menu

Coffee, milk, chocolate, yogurt and two kinds of juice (orange and watermelon)
French bread, bun and cheese bread
Sweets, biscuits and a type of cake
Cereals, jam, butter and honey
Lean ham, turkey breast, cheddar cheese and white cheese
Two types of fruit (papaya and melon or pineapple)

Six types of salads
A variety of red or white meat
Two types of ornaments

Two types of juice
Mineral water

Homemade sweets (sweet milk, pumpkin and sweet guava jam) with white cheese.
Condensed milk pudding or gelatin colored

Dogs (hot or cold), and a type of cake
One type of juice
Mineral water
Coca Cola or Guarana (Brazilian soda)

Bread, crackers and sweet biscuits
Butter, cream cheese and jelly
Tea, cold milk and hot chocolate

* Is a basket with banana and apple around all day