What is Bem Vindo?
Bem Vindo is a football/soccer training camp located in São Paulo, Brazil, where teams can go to train and play friendly matches vs Brazilian teams in a positive and professional environment.

Why is it called ”Bem Vindo!”?
“Bem Vindo!” means “Welcome!” in Portuguese and signifies the widespread hospitality of the Brazillian people.

Who can stay at Bem Vindo?
All teams and clubs are welcome to stay with us. We offer our guests a travel package with flights, accommodation, food, transport, tours, training and friendly matches regardless of where your club is from.

How much does it cost to stay at Bem Vindo?
Each trip varies in price and is dependent on each customer’s specific needs. We recommend that players stay for at least two weeks with focus on training and team building but this time frame can be modified on request. Each team is free to set up their schedule during their stay with us.

What service can one expect at Bem Vindo?
Our hallmark is quality, and our service is designed to be an all-inclusive experience. We take care of everything our players will need from start to finish and we are with them throughout the journey. A tour guide will be with the players throughout their journey (Portuguese and English speaking) to ensure that their stay will be as rewarding as possible.

What are the facilities like at Bem Vindo?
The entire hotel complex and its football field are newly built and regularly maintained. The rooms are newly furnished and include TV and air conditioning. Bed sheets are changed twice a day and the tap water is clean and drinkable.

What kind of food is served at Bem Vindo?
The hotel offers a buffet three times a day at the hotel restaurant (see the menu below “Accommodation”). In addition to the three meals, fruits and drinks are available at any time. Alcohol is not served, but can be ordered along with other special requests if the Bem Vindos tour guides are notified in advance.

Are there other guests staying at the same time at Bem Vindo?

Only Bem Vindo’s clients will be staying at the facilities, and we never book two clients in simultaneously. The hotel takes a maximum of up to 45 guests and is designed for smaller parties. See more information under “Accommodation”.

What kind of weather should I expect?
The climate in São Paulo varies between 8º16º Celsius (46-60 Fahrenheit) in the winter (June-August) and 20º38º Celsius (68-100 Fahrenheit) in the summer (December-February).
During the warm summer period it is still possible to train before and after lunch without the heat becoming a problem (8-10 in the morning and 3-5 in the afternoon).
During spring and autumn it often rains for approximately one hour in the afternoon but then gets sunny again.